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Lightning Topic 2.9: Kicks from the Mark, Part 2
Updated Oct 20, 2020

Topic 9 of Series 2 is the second in a three-part series of the always complicated Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker...

If you are interested in reviewing previous Lightning Topics, be sure to check out our YouTube channel where every video we publish is archived!

COVID-19 Update (Aug 8 2:45 PM)
Updated Aug 8, 2020

US Soccer Rolls Certification Through 2021

US Soccer has decided to roll all 2020 referee certifications through the entirety of 2021. Any official who has completed 2020 certification will now be certified through all of 2021 as well, with no need to pay a 2021 fee.

All Minnesota officials will be required to complete the 13-minute 2020-21 IFAB Changes to the Laws of the Game presentation in order to remain Eligible for assignment. This is now available in their Online Material.

Registration and online progress will remain open in a rolling status for 2021 through June 25, 2021.

FAQ for US Soccer Decision to Extend Certification


MYSA and TCSL have released protocols for return to competition for fall 2020: TCSL/MYSA Return to Play Protocols

Return to Play Guidelines for Referees

The Minnesota Department of Health has cleared youth sports for outdoor games as of June 24, 2020. Below you will find a brief video covering MNSRC's Return to Play Gudielines for Referees. A downloadable document is also linked below for a brief written version of the recommendations.

MNSRC COVID-19 Return to Play Guidelines

2020-21 Laws of the Game Released by IFAB
Updated Jun 14, 2020

IFAB has released the 2020-21 Laws of the Game. The Laws are available for download in both English and Spanish from the MNSRC website. The IFAB Changes Summary is also available for download from this website (alas, only in English, as that is all IFAB provided).

The 2020-21 version of the Laws will be in effect immediately for Minnesota once competition resumes. As no leagues will be starting before July 1, for the first time it will be possible to implement the new year Law Changes immediately into play moving forward. Please use this version of the Laws when play restarts.

The YouTube video summary of the Law Changes can be viewed below. (*If you are a referee and need to receive credit for viewing the Law Changes, please sign into your account and do so through the Online Material page.)

For access to the written versions of the Laws and the Changes summary, please use the links below:

2020-21 Laws of the Game (English)
2020-21 Laws of the Game (Spanish)
2020-21 Changes to the Laws (English only)

A three-part YouTube series on the 2019-20 Changes to the Laws of the Game was released by MNSRC previously. These videos summarize IFAB's changes to the Laws of the Game for 2019. As many teams and officials never used these in play during the spring/summer 2020 season, we recommend their review before playing in the upcoming 2020 fall season.

Part 1: 2019-20 General Changes to the Laws of the Game
Part 2: Management of Misconduct by Team Officials
Part 3: Updates to the Handling Clause in Law 12

Connecting with Assignors
Updated Nov 16, 2019

If you are looking to connect with an assignor to get games, remember there is a full presentation on how to use our site to do so. This presentation was required for both new and returning officials. For out-of-state officials, the link to the presentation is available here:

Connecting with Assignors

Entry Level Classroom Material Now Published Online
Updated May 19, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classroom material for the four-hour entry course has been moved to an online format for the remainder of the 2020. This material is now available on the Online Materials page once entry students complete the other pre-class online work (US Soccer Grassroots Course, 10 MNSRC online presentations). Once the entry student completes the classroom material online, they will have to pass the US Soccer Grassroots Test, at which point they can be certified with US Soccer.

Please understand these online presentations are being provided out of necessity due to the pandemic. The SRC fully realizes the quality of the education from this material does not compare to what a student would receive from a classroom with an experienced instructor and a quality discussion. We regret having to use this to finish our referees' education, but we all must make due with what we can in these times.

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